Review: Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home (1996)

I LOVE this movie, it’s sweet, and beautiful, and I truly love its sense of wonder.

Official Trailer:

The relationships of parent/child child/goose are what make the moving emotionally rich.  The movie is billed as being based on the experiences of “Bill Lishman who, in 1986, started training Canada Geese to follow his ultralight aircraft, and succeeded in leading their migration in 1993 through his program “Operation Migration.” The film is also based on the experience of Dr. William J.L. Sladen, a British-born zoologist and adventurer, who aided Lishman with the migration.” — Wikipedia  But as far as I can tell this is true only in the migration with ultralight sections.

There are other efforts to teach captive bred birds to migrate including Whooping Cranes ( and Bald Ibises (

— Jenny

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