Review: Dreambirds


Dreambirds (Jody Bergsma Collection)
by David Odgen, 1997

I picked up this book at a local thrift store. It is a gorgeously illustrated children’s book. A few years ago I picked up a wonderful print by Jody Bergsma Similar to this: 489
Finding a book full of this artists vivid, flowing images evoking Alaska & pacific northwest native american art gave me a moment of real joy. The bird drawings are spectacular. I’m tempted to buy another copy to cut up and frame. Of course she has prints, paintings, books, mugs, and more on her site.  Oh and she has a blog here:

Here are a couple of pieces from book:


Natsama & Grandmother Holima

From Amazon: 
“Natsama loves visiting his grandmother, Holima, the medicine woman. On his seventh birthday, she tells him about dreambirds. “At the beginning and ending of every day, dreambirds spread their wings. One wing reaches out to the sun, and the other reaches out to the moon. Whoever finds a dreambird receives a great gift.” As the seasons come and go, Natsama never forgets his grandmother’s story about dreambirds. Determined to find a dreambird and claim his gift, he seeks out the best hunters in his village, who teach him the ways of animals, birds and fish. In his search for the dreambird, Natsama overcomes many obstacles and finally discovers the power and wonder of his own spirit. Jody Bergsman’s beautiful, powerful artwork perfectly compliments David Ogden’s unique and engaging story. — Midwest Book Review”

The story comes in second to the images in my world. I recommend this book for adults to read to children, particularly if they love art and/or birds.

— Jenny

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