Texas – Spring 2019

What with a vacation, a 60th wedding anniversary, my dad’s birthday and eventually a funeral I ended up spending first a week in Texas (airline there and back) only to spend one day at home and load up the car and daughter and drive back, for another two weeks including driving there and back. Inevitably I saw a variety of birds here, there and in between.

Cardinal in silhouette

Downy woodpecker

Eastern bluebird

Mockingbird in flight

American coot showing off his lobed feet

Lovely female Mallard

There was no focused birding session so I’m just going to put them all here on this post. It was quite a variety including:

  1. Turkey vultures (2/19 Italy TX)
  2. Black vultures (2/19 Italy TX)
  3. American kestrels (2/19 Italy TX)
  4. Red tailed hawks (2/19 Italy TX)
  5. Brown headed cowbirds (2/19 Italy TX)
  6. House sparrows (2/19 Italy TX)
  7. Downy woodpecker (2/19 Italy TX)
  8. Carolina chickadees (2/19 Italy TX)
  9. Northern Cardinals (2/19 Italy TX)
  10. Rock doves (2/19 Italy TX)
  11. Common grackles (2/19 Italy TX)
  12. Great tailed grackles (2/19 Italy TX)
  13. Great blue heron (2/19 Italy TX)
  14. House sparrows (2/19 Italy TX)
  15. Mockingbirds (2/19 Italy TX)
  16. Mallards (2/19 Waxahachie TX)
  17. Savannah sparrows (2/19 Waxahachie TX)
  18. American coots (2/19 Waxahachie TX)
  19. Mourning doves (2/19 Waxahachie TX)
  20. American crows (2/19 Waxahachie TX)
  21. American robins (2/19 Waxahachie TX)
  22. Eastern bluebirds (2/19 Waxahachie TX)
  23. Northern flicker-yellow shafted (2/19 Waxahachie TX)
  24. Eastern phoebe (2/19 Italy TX)
  25. Red winged blackbirds (2/19 Italy TX)
  26. Killdeer (2/19 Italy TX)
  27. Wilson’s snipe (2/19 Italy TX)
  28. Eurasian collared doves (2/19 Italy TX)
  29. Eastern meadowlarks (2/19 Italy TX)
  30. Yellow rumped warbler (3/19 Italy TX)
  31. Herring gull (3/19 TX)
  32. Pinyon jays (3/19 NM)

— Jenny

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