Bear River Refuge – March 2019

Friday March 22

Once again at my favorite refuge…

So excited to spot this Hooded merganser! A first sighting at the refuge for me.

I’ve never seen a Common merganser at the refuge either.

I was trying to get a good photo of the Ring necked pheasant. It took looking at the picture on my computer to see the Rough legged hawk on the fence and the Western meadowlark in flight.

Long billed curlew

Northern shovelers

Northern pintails

Oh so very many American white pelicans


  1. Northern pintails
  2. Mallards
  3. Starlings
  4. Ring necked pheasants
  5. Red winged blackbirds
  6. Hooded merganser – I’ve never seen one here before
  7. Common merganser – another surprise visitor, I usually see them in Yellowstone, not here.
  8. Gadwalls
  9. Canada geese
  10. Northern shovelers
  11. Western meadowlark
  12. American robin
  13. Killdeer
  14. Northern harriers
  15. Long billed curlew
  16. American coot
  17. Cinnamon teal
  18. Yellowheaded blackbirds
  19. Double crested cormorant
  20. House sparrows
  21. Pied billed grebes
  22. American white pelicans
  23. Tundra swans
  24. Green winged teals
  25. American avocet
  26. Ring billed gull
  27. Breat blue heron
  28. Brown headed cowbirds
  29. Common raven
  30. Tree swallows
  31. Snowy egret
  32. Horned lark
  33. Ring necked duck
  34. Red tailed hawk
  35. Canvasback
  36. Bufflehead

— Jenny

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