Bear River Refuge with Aunt Susan

Melinda and I met up with Aunt Susan (our mother’s sister) in Brigham City. She joined our car and we headed out to the Bear River Refuge. Aunt Susan is one of the most fun and funniest people I know. She’s always been a source of light, love and joy in our lives so when she told me she wanted to go birding with Melinda & me… Well, who could resist having such a spark in the car? We, talked and laughed our way around the refuge (4 hours) and saw an incredible array of birds. There are few photos from this trip because we also saw thousands of mosquitoes. The bugs were so bad they looked like smoke rising from the ground. We did see lots and lots of birds including many diving & dabbling and possibly dribbling & dunking ducks…

Great horned owl with two owlets

American avocet

White faced ibises

  1. Cinnamon teal
  2. Mallard
  3. Tree swallows
  4. Forster’s terns
  5. White faced ibises
  6. Black necked stilts
  7. Yellowheaded blackbirds
  8. Wilson’s snipe
  9. House sparrow
  10. Western kingbird
  11. American robin
  12. Barn swallows
  13. Brewer’s blackbirds
  14. Vesper’s sparrow
  15. Canada geese
  16. Killdeer
  17. Western grebe
  18. Cliff swallows
  19. Western meadowlark
  20. Bullock’s oriole
  21. Wilson’s warblers
  22. American avocets
  23. Long billed curlews
  24. European starlings
  25. Ring necked pheasants
  26. Gadwalls
  27. Marshwren
  28. Northern harrier
  29. Common ravens
  30. American white pelicans
  31. Double crested cormorants
  32. American coots
  33. Northern rough winged swallows
  34. Brown headed cowbirds
  35. Violet green swallows
  36. Clark’s grebes
  37. Bank swallows
  38. Great horned owls
  39. Blue winged teals
  40. Snowy egrets
  41. Ruddy ducks
  42. Ring billed gulls
  43. Northern shoveler
  44. Black crowned night herons
  45. California gulls
  46. Sandhill crane

We also saw a Long-tailed weasel at the refuge. This was an amazing day of birds.

We met Uncle Harry at the Maddox restaurant for lunch which was very fun then parted ways, Aunt Susan & Uncle Harry off on their way and Melinda and I up to Logan to visit my brother Dave and his family. It was at his house that we spotted Mule deer crossing the road near his backyard.

— Jenny & Melinda

One thought on “Bear River Refuge with Aunt Susan

  1. Wow! You managed to get some sweet pictures in spite of the mosquito wars! It’s a good thing you keep your car windows clean. 😊 I had a great time, and it was absolutely amazing to be with you both, especially to observe actual pro_birders at work. Thank you. 🐧

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