Hobble Creek, & Spanish Fork UT

May 12-14, 2019

Melinda and I are always looking for places to bird near Spanish Fork UT where our sister Jessica lives. In bits and pieces of time we managed to bird near the oak groves where we saw: Black chinned hummingbirds and California quail,  and heard and identified by ear Spotted towhees,  Yellow rumped warblers, Yellow warblers, Black capped chickadees, and more. There was one bird song or rather sound that we couldn’t figure out. Over lunch we went through the bird book (instead of just using the phone apps) and found our mystery bird sound. A ring neck pheasant:  https://collections.lib.utah.edu/ark:/87278/s68p6crk

Later we birded up one fork of Hobble Creek and the next day we did the other fork. Here we saw lots of birds including Melinda’s first Dusky grouse.  And the Woodhouse’s scrub jay (a first for us since the species split)

We’ve seen and heard Lewis woodpeckers before but this was the first one that ever held still enough for photographs.

From the car I could not tell if these were real deer or fake deer. The lack of movement (deer are always moving their ears) finally led me to believe they are fakes. And here in the photo you can see more detail of the splendid, car stopping fakes that they are.

Western kingbird on the left and a Vesper sparrow on the right

White crowned sparrow

And a surprise… Long billed curlew

To & Around Spanish Fork


  1. Starling
  2. Eurasian collared dove
  3. Swainson’s hawks
  4. American robins
  5. Black billed magpies
  6. Red winged blackbirds
  7. House sparrows
  8. Spotted towhee
  9. Barn swallows
  10. Yellow rumped warblers
  11. Wilson’s warblers
  12. Yellow warbler
  13. Lewis woodpecker
  14. Turkey vulture
  15. Western meadowlark
  16. American kestrel
  17. Black chinned hummingbird
  18. Lark sparrows
  19. Goldfinch
  20. Brewer’s blackbirds
  21. Ring necked pheasants
Hobble Creek


  1. Scrub jay (Woodhouse’s)
  2. House finch
  3. Mallards
  4. Yellow rumped warbler
  5. Dark eyed junco
  6. Black billed magpie
  7. European starling
  8. American robin
  9. Osprey (with fish)
  10. Black capped chickadee
  11. Barn swallows
  12. Wilson’s warblers
  13. Mourning doves
  14. Lewis woodpecker
  15. Dusky grouse
  16. Wild turkeys
  17. Western kingbirds
  18. Red winged blackbird
  19. Swainson’s hawk
  20. Brown headed cowbirds
  21. American crows
  22. Killdeer
  23. Western meadowlark
  24. Common raven
  25. White crowned sparrow
  26. Long billed curlew
  27. Eastern Kingbird
  28. American kestral
  29. Northern harriers
  30. Red tailed hawks
  31. Lark sparrows
  32. Loggerhead shrike
  33. American white pelicans

— Jenny & Melinda

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