Antelope Island UT

May 18, 2019

This was a marvelous day. We got to the island fairly early in the morning while it was overcast and drizzly. The thousands of Eared grebes were particularly noticeable. We birded the cove & beach side of the island for several hours then went into Layton for lunch and thrift store shopping. This first trip found all of the owls and larks and most of the shorebirds/waterbirds.

Once we were rested we went back to the island and birded the ranch side. Here’s where we found the Chukar, the warblers and other birds needing trees. It was closing in on dark so we stopped at a nearby chinese restaurant and called it a successful day of birding.

Franklin’s and California gulls

Eared grebe

Thousands of Eared grebes

Loggerhead shrike

Horned lark

Burrowing owl

Western meadowlark



Western tanager

Western kingbird all fluffed out because of the cold

Poppies at the ranch on the island

  1. Red winged blackbird
  2. White faced ibis
  3. California gulls
  4. Western kingbirds
  5. Northern shoveler
  6. Cinnamon teals
  7. Brewer’s blackbirds
  8. Brown headed cowbirds
  9. Eastern kingbird
  10. Cliff swallows
  11. Western sandpipers
  12. American avocets
  13. Mallards
  14. Franklin’s gulls
  15. Killdeer
  16. Common raven
  17. Eared grebes
  18. Ring billed gull
  19. Ruddy ducks
  20. Forster’s terns
  21. Western meadowlark
  22. Horned lark
  23. Lark sparrow
  24. Long billed curlews
  25. Loggerhead shrike
  26. Burrowing owls
  27. Black billed magpie
  28. American robin
  29. Northern harrier
  30. Great horned owl
  31. European starlings
  32. American kestrel
  33. Eurasian collared dove
  34. Prairie falcon
  35. Chukar
  36. Canyon wren
  37. Ring necked pheasants
  38. Marsh wren
  39. Western tanager
  40. Grasshopper sparrow
  41. Mourning dove
  42. Wilson’s warbler
  43. Barn swallows
  44. Yellow warbler
  45. White crowned sparrow
  46. Green tailed towhee
  47. Willet
  48. Gadwall
  49. Wilson’s phalaropes
  50. Bonaparte’s gulls
  51. Swainson’s hawk

We also saw an antelope, two coyotes, and a number of bison, none of which were willing to pose. — Jenny & Melinda

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