Gray’s Lake – May 2019

Thursday May 23, 2019

I wanted to get out to Gray’s Lake National Wildlife Refuge while Melinda was here, but our weekends became increasingly busy. I decided to leave work a bit early on Thursday and drive out regardless of the weather. It’s been raining in dribs, drabs, and downpours for at least a week and is scheduled to continue for another week. All the water from the spring rains and the great snowy winter meant that for the first time there was visible water near the road at Gray’s Lake.

I knew I was taking a photo of a Tree swallow, I did not expect the cute Bank swallow in the bottom right corner.

Young moose

Young moose imitating a mule

Short eared owl

One of the many Sandhill cranes

Blurry dancing Sandhill crane

Mountain bluebird in the rain

Next time I’m going to be sure to take at least a 1/2 day. It’s an hour drive to just get in the vicinity of Gray’s Lake and our detour out to the southern tip of the Blackfoot reservoir took time. This is where we saw some of our birds and our Moose. I can’t wait till my next trip out this direction – Jenny

  1. Common ravens
  2. Black billed magpies
  3. European starlings
  4. Red winged blackbirds
  5. American crows
  6. American white pelicans
  7. Brewer’s blackbirds
  8. Gadwalls
  9. Cinnamon teals
  10. American robins
  11. Tree swallows
  12. Bank swallows
  13. Violet green swallows
  14. Great blue heron
  15. Killdeer
  16. Canada geese
  17. Clark’s grebe
  18. Cliff swallows
  19. California gulls
  20. Mallards
  21. Eurasian collared doves
  22. American kestrel
  23. Barn swallows
  24. American coots
  25. Redheads
  26. Canvasback
  27. Eared grebes
  28. Northern shovelers
  29. Sandhill cranes (some dancing)
  30. Yellow headed blackbirds
  31. Short eared owl
  32. Long billed curlew
  33. White faced ibis
  34. Red tailed hawk
  35. Western meadowlark
  36. Ruffed grouse (by ear, a new one for Melinda!)
  37. Vesper’s sparrow
  38. Horned lark
  39. Mourning doves
  40. Northern flicker (red shafted)
  41. Brown headed cowbirds
  42. Mountain bluebird
  43. Franklins gulls
  44. Sage sparrow
  45. Ruddy ducks
  46. Yellow rumped warblers
  47. Western kingbird
  48. Yellow warbler
  49. Chipping sparrow

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