Questing for Cassia Crossbill

May 25, 2019 at Pomerelle, City of Rocks, and Big Cottonwood Wildlife Management Area.

We left Pocatello at 6:00 a.m. and the weather was gorgeous. We birded our way to and then up the mountain where the Pomerelle ski area is and wow were we happy to be there early, the birds were far more active at 7:00 than they were even at 8:00. Next we headed for City of Rocks and this is the sky started to leak. A few drips, a little shower, a little wind, we drove through on the southern route to the dirt road heading north towards Oakley. Long before we made it to Oakley the rain started for reals. There was so much mud and rain that we didn’t find any more birds for about an hour. After lunch in town we headed north to the Big Cottonwood WMA. The birds were back out since the rain stopped and it was awesome. Of course the rain came back and eventually we gave up and headed home.

Ground squirrel

It was difficult to get photos of the birds we only heard, or the flighty ones that rarely held still.

American kestrel

Least chipmunk

Cassin’s finch

Lazuli bunting (at City of Rocks)

Western tanager (at Big Cottonwood WMA)

  1. Black billed magpie
  2. Red wing blackbird
  3. Ring necked pheasant
  4. Eurasian collared doves
  5. Brewer’s blackbirds
  6. Red tailed hawks
  7. American robins
  8. American crows
  9. Common ravens
  10. Mourning doves
  11. Swainson’s hawks
  12. Canada geese
  13. Mallards
  14. European starlings
  15. Barn swallows
  16. House sparrows
  17. House finches
  18. Vesper sparrows
  19. Mountain chickadees
  20. Audubon’s warbler (formerly known as yellow rumped)
  21. Cassia Crossbill!!!!
  22. Red named sapsucker
  23. Dark eyed junco (gray headed)
  24. Tree swallow
  25. Downey woodpecker
  26. American kestrel
  27. Cassin’s finches
  28. Wilson’s warblers
  29. Western kingbirds
  30. Turkey vultures
  31. Rock doves
  32. Yellow warbler
  33. Lazuli buntings
  34. Green tailed towhees
  35. Western meadowlarks
  36. Mountain bluebirds
  37. Cliff swallows
  38. Sage sparrows
  39. Gray catbird
  40. Lark sparrow
  41. American goldfinch
  42. Red breasted nuthatch
  43. Killdeer
  44. Long billed curlews
  45. Western tanagers
  46. American white pelicans

And a few mammals: ground squirrel, least chipmunk

— Jenny

2 thoughts on “Questing for Cassia Crossbill

  1. For “beginners” here, yesterday I saw, as I was parking my car, since I go in reverse, Pronthonotary Warbler, two days before early morning I saw a Red-Breasted woodpecker, and again today making racket. Today Mallard Ducks, Geese of course, morning dove, today, sparrow/house finch. I forget how many I get to see in a day. There are more but I think some of there are interesting. A hawk two days ago. Two beautiful Quail in front of my car so close I could almost touch them: they took their own sweet time getting around the car and then down the road from me and then I have no idea where they went. I have seen a robin a few days ago and an eastern meadow lark! I think? By the call. I forget how much fun ! have! I spend a great deal of time out of doors. I wish you could see my yard now.
    Sending double love, Aunt Corinne

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    1. You have seen some awesome birds! I love Quail and have to really look to find any. To have one show up in front of your car at your house is AWESOME. I wish I could see your yard too.


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