Market Lake & Camas NWR

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Melinda and I woke up really early, Cheryl joined us and we headed North for birding at 7:00 a.m. We saw so many birds!! 75 species identified both by sight and by sound.

Melinda and I practiced with bird calls on the drive, paying special attention to the warblers and other birds expected at that location. We had never seen Common yellowthroats at Market Lake, but now that we were listening for them they were everywhere! Seriously, must be 100 or more of them. Eventually, our ears led our eyes and we actually got to see these cute elusive birds. They are shy enough that I never was able to get my camera up and focused for a photo. But maybe next time…

We started at Market Lake and then went to Camas. For the past couple of years, every time I’ve gone to Camas the only water has been on what I term the inner loop. This time there was water everywhere and it was awesome! This was definitley one of the biggest days I’ve had in Idaho/Utah.

Yellowheaded blackbirds

Cliff swallows

Great horned owlet


Canada geese with babies & Cinnamon teal on the bank

Dark look from a napping Northern shoveler

Redhead pair

Marsh wren

Western grebe

Forster’s tern

Osprey on colorful nest

Eared grebes bracketed by Western grebes

Black headed grosbeak

Cinnamon teal

Ruddy duck

Eared grebe

Trumpeter swans

Lesser scaup

Pile of goats

The goats were just hanging in this pile across from the elementary school. No fence and no goat herder in sight. Too amusing. – Jenny


  1. European starlings
  2. Black billed magpies
  3. American crows
  4. Yelllow headed blackbirds
  5. Cliff swallows
  6. American robins
  7. Western meadowlarks
  8. Savannah sparrows
  9. Red tailed hawks
  10. House sparrows
  11. Sandhill cranes
  12. Western kingbirds
  13. Marsh wrens
  14. Red winged blackbirds
  15. Mallards
  16. Yellow warblers
  17. Canada geese
  18. American kestrels
  19. Swainson’s hawks
  20. Mourning doves
  21. Gadwalls
  22. House finches
  23. Ruffed grouse
  24. Barn swallow
  25. Eastern kingbird
  26. Ring necked ducks
  27. Cinnamon teals
  28. Lesser scaups
  29. Northern harriers
  30. Northern shovelers
  31. Killdeer
  32. Blue winged teals
  33. Common yellowthroat
  34. Pied billed grebe
  35. Western grebes
  36. Redheads
  37. Ring billed gulls
  38. American avocets
  39. American coots
  40. Brown headed cowbirds
  41. Double crested cormorants
  42. American white pelicans
  43. Tree swallows
  44. Forster’s terns
  45. Northern rough winged swallows
  46. Black crowned night heron
  47. Grey catbird
  48. Yellow rumped warblers (audubons)
  49. Willow flycatcher
  50. Western tanager
  51. Great horned owls
  52. Wilsons warblers
  53. Calliope hummingbird
  54. Bullock’s oriole
  55. Brewer’s blackbirds
  56. Clark’s grebe
  57. White faced ibis
  58. Loggerhead shrike
  59. Ruddy ducks
  60. Osprey
  61. Eared grebes
  62. Black headed grosbeak
  63. Swainson’s thrush
  64. Peregrine falcon
  65. Golden crowned kinglet
  66. Vesper’s sparrows
  67. Lark sparrows
  68. Brewer’s sparrow
  69. Trumpeter swans
  70. Northern pintails
  71. Great blue heron
  72. Willet
  73. Spotted sandpiper
  74. American wigeons
  75. Rock doves


  1. Muskrat
  2. Mule deer
  3. Badger
  4. Turtle
  5. Snake
  6. Pile of Goats

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