Camas NWR in June

Monday June 17, 2019
Camas National Wildlife Refuge

American kestrel

Yellow headed blackbird

I decided to try birding after work. I got to work early so that I could leave by 4:00. I had to go home to grab my camera so I didn’t really leave for the refuge till 4:30. Next time I’ll be more prepared. After all, there are only so many daylight hours and Camas is 1.5 hours away. I was keeping my fingers crossed that there would be grebe babies. Alas, that wasn’t meant to be.



I went around the large loop first. There were so many cool birds and I wanted to take photos. There was a Great blue heron perched at the highest point of a willow thicket. I really, really, wanted that photo, but not enough to brave the swarm of mosquitoes surrounding my car like perfume sales people.

Northern shoveler


While on the northward part of the loop the wind picked up and the mosquitoes were reduced, this meant I could do the loop again and actually take some photos. I also spotted a few more birds. I was really focused on the water birds so I did not walk any of the other great spaces. Sunset was expected at 9:15 and I know that I lose shooting light about an hour before that. The mountains in the west make our twilight very long. Only in June would this much light be available for this length of time. Come December or even Septemeber this kind of after work expedition will not be possible.

Eared grebe


I’m glad I went and now I”m planning a few more afterwork birding expeditions for the summer. I’m thinking I could go back to Gray’s Lake, Chesterfield, and maybe do a bunch of trips out towards American Falls Reservoir. I’d like to know that area better and figure out more of the timing.

Ruddy duck


I did not go to Market Lake though I exited at Roberts. I was losing light and decided that I’d be better off just getting home. I was home by 10:00 which is later than I’d like. I stopped for dinner at a sit down restaurant. Next time I’ll remember to pack a dinner. I’ll also remember to bring a jacket. Idaho really knows how to drop the temperature when the sun goes down. Awesome trip and great experiment. — Jenny


  1. European starlings
  2. House finches (at my work)
  3. Lesser goldfinches (at my house)
  4. American crows
  5. Black billed magpies
  6. Red winged blackbirds
  7. American robins
  8. Eurasian collared doves
  9. Mourning doves
  10. House sparrows
  11. Sandhill cranes (2)
  12. American kestrels
  13. Western kingbirds
  14. Western meadowlarks
  15. Cinnamon teals
  16. White faced ibises
  17. Gadwalls
  18. Trumpeter swans (2)
  19. Ruddy ducks
  20. American coots
  21. Killdeer
  22. Lesser scaup
  23. Northern shovelers
  24. Black crowned night herons (3)
  25. Mallards
  26. Great blue herons (3)
  27. Brown headed cowbirds
  28. Eared grebes
  29. Black necked stilts (2)
  30. Marsh wrens
  31. Ring necked duck
  32. Redhead
  33. Canada goose (1)
  34. BLue winged teal
  35. Northern harriers (2)
  36. Red tailed hawk (1)
  37. Willet (1)
  38. Swainson’s hawk (1)
  39. Rock doves
  40. Osprey (1) at Roberts

One thought on “Camas NWR in June

  1. Jenny! What a perfect way to begin my day. I just came in from watering and found your email. Fantastic! Last week I could hear a Chickadee but not see it in my big trees. When from behind me I heard “can you see it?” A fellow bird watcher in my neighborhood was right there too. He has those big trees memorized with all the history he has seen from many years of bird watching. The woodpecker hole now inhabited by squirrels, once held Flickers and the Chickadee’s until Starlings came and scared them all away. The Coopers Hawk is the one that has amazed us the most while we have been here. Aaron was at his desk when he felt that someone was watching him from his window. He turned very slowly to find this massive bird atop our deck umbrella. Peering in the window at him. It sat there, then spread its wings, turned a little, sizing up his game off, then off he goes! Aaron got photos of the whole experience. Wow. what a bird day that was. I have to get my bird days in all I can. Did I tell you? We have to move.

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