Scouting Curlew National Grasslands

Arimo to Curlew National Grasslands thru Arbon Valley
Saturday, July 6, 2019

The maternal grandmother’s family reunion is held in Arimo every year. I like to take the backroads to get there. After a lovely time at the picnic gathering I headed south to detour over to the Curlew National Grasslands. Unfortunately a couple of the roads were closed so I was unable to spend much time at the grasslands but the route is a good one and I think next spring it will be an awesome place to bird for bobolinks and possibly lark buntings. I did see the usual suspect list of birds by pausing at reservoirs, streams, and meadows. I think it’s about 200 miles to make this big backroads circle.

For more information regarding the Curlew National Grasslands check out the Idaho birding trail site:

Mule deer

Juvenile cliff swallow

The greens of Cherry Springs

Wild turkeys


  1. Red winged blackbirds
  2. Brewer’s blackbirds
  3. Brown headed cowbirds
  4. Black billed magpies
  5. American crows
  6. Western kingbirds
  7. Western meadowlarks
  8. American robins
  9. Vesper sparrows
  10. Mourning doves
  11. Eurasian collared doves
  12. Common ravens
  13. Red tailed hawks
  14. Cliff swallows
  15. American goldfinch
  16. Wilson’s warbler
  17. Yellow rumped warblers
  18. Yellow warbler
  19. American kestrel
  20. Northern flicker
  21. Swainson’s hawk
  22. Horned larks
  23. Bullocks oriole
  24. European starlings
  25. Wild Turkeys


  • Mule deer

— Jenny

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