Victor Car Show

I spent a lovely pair of hours in Victor looking at cars. This was a small car show, less than a 100 vehicles which was perfect for my practicing. Most of the time I remembered to take a picture of the entry details so I could tag my photos with year, make and model. Though I didn’t get them all. I’m learning. Next I am going to figure out which filters go with which lens. I brought filters that apparently only work for my big telephoto lens which is not going to work with car closeups unless I want to go stand in a field far away…

— Jenny

Artistry in the details


Magic paint job

Green Chevrolet

Red rain drops


1955 MG TF

See through hood

Bird ornament


Hood ornament (Chevrolet Bel Air)


If you want to see more photos from the show check out my Flickr album — Jenny

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