Birding in Victor ID

Saturday July 27, 2019

I’ve driven through Victor Idaho on my way to Jackson WY on many occasions. I’ve stopped there for food or fuel but hadn’t thought about birding along the Teton river bottoms till recently. I knew there was a car show and I’ve wanted to try my hand again at photographing cars, so why not combine this with a new birding location. I went online to the Idaho Birding Trail site and found a map and guide for the Teton Valley


Unfortunately, like many other areas of southeast Idaho the roads may or may not be using their original names and are given number designations. In some ways that worked out to my benefit since I was then able to just drive down and around any non-dead-end or private roads. I was in Victor by 8:30 a.m. and it was a glorious cool morning. Storm clouds more full of drizzle than actual storm scattered across the sky to help make the birding and lighting very good. I birded till the temperature was 67 degrees and the rain had stopped. Then off to the car show for a couple of hours and back to birding.

This place is very scenic, you have farm and ranch lands, barns and fences, streams and river. And there were some awesome birds like the Belted kingfisher fishing and flying to perch first on the phone line then over to the willows.

Tetons in the morning

Canada geese

Old trucks

American goldfinch

American robin


Back of the barn

Paint horse

Barn and pasture

Side eye

Sandhill crane

Appaloosa horse

My Birdlist

  1. Red tailed hawk
  2. Swainson’s hawk
  3. Osprey
  4. American kestrel
  5. Turkey vulture
  6. American crows
  7. Common ravens
  8. European starlings
  9. Brewer’s blackbirds
  10. Red winged blackbird
  11. Black billed magpies
  12. American robins
  13. MacGillivray’s warbler
  14. American goldfinches
  15. Savannah sparrow
  16. Unidentified bird with serious buzzy trill at end of an upwards run then several notes evenly spaced
  17. Lincoln’s sparrow
  18. House sparrows
  19. Mountain bluebirds
  20. Sandhill cranes
  21. Violet green swallows
  22. Tree swallows
  23. Cliff swallows
  24. Bank swallows
  25. Barn swallows
  26. Western kingbirds
  27. Eastern kingbird
  28. Eurasian collared doves
  29. Mourning doves
  30. Lazuli bunting
  31. Belted kingfisher
  32. Western meadowlark

And a lone Mule deer watching the road on one of the mountain passes.

— Jenny

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