Quilt Show

Saturday July 20, 2019

I have been having a real internal battle about what does and doesn’t belong on this blog from my point of view. Do I really put rodeos and art shows here? If not here, where would I put them? I originally thought that I would limit this to just bird posts but clearly I’ve been putting rodeos here for a couple of years. I just couldn’t get myself to create still another blog, especially when I only go to 7-10 rodeos a year. Yeah, that does seem like a lot when I write it like that. The rodeos take me to places where I can bird so there is a tie there. I think that’s why I started doing it. Idaho State University’s rodeo season is about to start and I’m stymied. In the past few months I’ve been good about adding a Thursday post, including one of a Car Show. If I want to continue to create two posts a week I’ll need to add more than just my birding. Maybe this is an adventure blog, not just a bird blog. What do you think?

And speaking of adventure I had the opportunity to take three artists (two are fiber artists working in quilt/weaving mediums) to a quilt show in Brigham City Utah. I had no idea that Brigham City had been hosting a quilt show/review for the past 47 years! Check out their online website at: https://www.brighamcitymuseum.org/exhibitions/art-quilt-show-2019

The techniques used to create these amazing pieces were astonishing everything from embroidery to cutwork. Both hand and machine techniques were used. For more of my photos of the exhibit go to my Flickr album: Quilt Show Then click on the first photo and after it loads you should be able to use the arrows to page through the album. If you want you can use the diagonal arrows on the upper right hand side to make the images full-screen size.
— Jenny

Here are three of my favorites:
Early Spring
spring sign_JLS0825

spring quilt_JLS0824

multicellular sign_JLS0785

multicellular quilt_JLS0793

esfahan sign_JLS0839

esfahan quilt c_JLS0889

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