Bear River Refuge – Aug 2019

Saturday August 10, 2019

Melinda and I decided to leave Pocatello early and bird the Bear River refuge in the morning, shop in the afternoon, and bird out by Saltair in the evening. It was a fabulous day. The next morning Melinda caught a plane back to Texas. — Jenny

1000’s of Bank Swallows were migrating through the refuge

American white pelican

Canada geese

Angus cow


Eastern kingbird

Great blue heron

Smoke stack near Saltair

American avocets



  1. Black billed magpies
  2. Rock doves
  3. Trumpeter swans
  4. European starlings
  5. EC doves
  6. Mourning doves
  7. Franklin’s gulls
  8. California gulls
  9. Red tailed hawks
  10. Wilson’s warblers
  11. Barn swallows
  12. Cliff swallows
  13. Red winged blackbirds
  14. House sparrows
  15. Bank swallows (1000s of them)
  16. Tree swallows
  17. Brewer’s blackbirds
  18. Northern harriers
  19. American white pelicans
  20. Forster’s terns
  21. Great horned owls
  22. Canada geese
  23. Western grebe
  24. Eastern kingbirds
  25. Grasshopper sparrows
  26. Marsh wrens
  27. American avocets
  28. Black necked stilts
  29. Spotted sandpipers
  30. Green winged teals
  31. Solitary sandpipers
  32. Cinnamon teals
  33. American coots
  34. Turkey vulture
  35. Ring billed gulls
  36. Great blue herons
  37. Double crested cormorants
  38. Killdeer
  39. Ring necked pheasants
  40. Common ravens
  41. Common yellowthroat
  42. Caspian tern
  43. Western kingbird
  44. Snowy egret
  45. Wilson’s phalarope
  46. Common grackle
  47. Mallard
  48. Yellow headed blackbirds


  • Antelope / Pronghorn

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