Pocatello Zoo

Saturday August 17, 2019

Nanette drove to Pocatello with Sydney to visit her new grandson. Most of their time was spent with the cute grandbaby, but we did steal away on a Saturday afternoon with Shanna to the Zoo. Our local zoo focuses on native species and is evolving into a great little zoo https://zooidaho.org/. We accidentally arrived on Ice Cream day, where free small ice cream cones are given out at various locations in the zoo. That was refreshing and fun. Many of the animals are rescues. — Jenny

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day:

Great horned owl

I thought it was a rock. Shanna assured me it was a Grizzly bear. Sure enough it moved and had fur.

Grizzly sculpture

Flight of doves, they were spurred into action by the cry of a raptor


Bobcat ignoring us. There was one looking at us until I brought my camera off. It then stalked off behind a tree and it too turned it’s back on us.

The badger looks like he’s in jail, but he really does have a larger habitat.

Sleepy mountain face

American crows outside of the injured American crow enclosure. It really looked like they were visiting.

Elk with velvet peeling off antlers

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