Camas Refuge – Aug 2019

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Not a lot of birds, but lovely end of summer colors. — Jenny


Yellow headed blackbirds


Female ducks






White faced ibis


  1. House sparrows
  2. EC doves
  3. BB Mapgies
  4. Red tailed hawks
  5. Gray partridges
  6. Red winged blackbirds
  7. Yellow headed blackbirds
  8. Green winged teals
  9. American coots
  10. Pied billed grebe
  11. Western meadowlark
  12. Canada geese
  13. Trumpeter swans
  14. White faced ibis
  15. Spotted sandpipers
  16. Blue wing teal
  17. Northern harrier
  18. American robins
  19. Eastern kingbirds
  20. Mourning doves
  21. Wilson’s warbler
  22. European starlings


  • White tailed deer
  • Mule deer

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