Bear River Refuge – Sept 2019

Sunday September 22, 2019

On my way home from Price I was making such good time that I decided to go round my favorite refuge. The phragmites controlled burn happened in one of the units a few days prior so there was quite a bit of burned vegetation. This did not stop the wading birds and swallows from feasting on bugs and fish. The ibises were glorious. – Jenny

American white pelican

Pelican fishing

Great blue heron

Refuge color

White faced ibis silhouette

White faced ibis

Ring billed gull

Ibis landing

Ibis in irridescent green

So many blackbirds

American avocet

Feeding avocets

Snowy egret

Brewer’s blackbirds

Sandhill cranes


  1. Barn swallows
  2. Double crested cormorants
  3. American white pelicans
  4. Snowy egrets
  5. Forster’s terns
  6. Cliff swallows
  7. Franklin’s gulls
  8. American coots
  9. Red tailed hawks
  10. Red winged blackbirds
  11. Grasshopper sparrow
  12. White faced ibis
  13. American avocets
  14. Ring necked pheasants
  15. Northern harrier
  16. Vesper sparrows
  17. Mallards
  18. Canada geese
  19. Gadwalls
  20. Northern shovelers
  21. Great blue herons
  22. Clark’s grebes
  23. Pied billed grebes
  24. Sandhill cranes

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