To & From Boise – Sept 2019

Monday September 23, 2019 and Wednesday September 25, 2019

This is my only decent picture from the drive to Boise on Monday. Both of the reservoirs/bird areas near the I-84 freeway had little water and the birds refused to pose. If you are looking to go birding near Boise check out the Golden Eagle Audubon page

Coots at Indian Creek Reservoir

I’ve been meaning to explore the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. The Snake River runs through a steep volcanic canyon and is home to a large number of raptors, particularly in the spring. I can assure you that in the afternoon in September they were mighty scarce. I mostly saw American kestrels (3). Still I now know how to get to the Swan Falls Dam and have noted some likely spring birding spots on the way to said dam.

Snake River in the canyon above Swan Falls dam

Fascinating rock layer

Shiny water

Dam buildings


Canyon walls

Birds on the way to Boise

  1. Red tailed hawks
  2. Rock doves
  3. Black billed magpies
  4. Common ravens
  5. American crows
  6. House sparrows
  7. Assorted blackbirds
  8. Turkey vulture
  9. Yellow rumped warbler (exit 71 Blacks Indian Creek Reservoir)
  10. Brewer’s sparrows
  11. Great blue herons (exit 64 Blacks Creek Bird Reserve)
  12. American white pelicans
  13. Double crested cormorants

Birds on the way home

  1. American kestrels
  2. Chipping sparrows
  3. Red tailed hawks
  4. Vesper’s sparrows
  5. American robins – Swan Falls Dam Park
  6. Common ravens
  7. Mourning doves
  8. American crows – along I15
  9. Black billed magpies
  10. Various gulls

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