American Falls & Environs – November 2019

Birding around American Falls and Massacre Rocks…an exploration of what may be about. Survey says… not much. — Jenny

Canada geese at the marina on American Falls Reservoir

Starling as tree ornaments at the cemetary

Gulls below the dam


Loggerhead shrike at Massacre Rocks

Birds & Mammals

  1. Rock doves
  2. Eurasian collared doves
  3. Black billed magpies
  4. Red tailed hawks
  5. Northern flicker
  6. Cotton tailed bunny
  7. Canada geese
  8. Ring billed gulls
  9. Ring necked pheasants
  10. Loggerhead shrike
  11. American kestrels
  12. Bald eagles
  13. Common ravens
  14. House sparrows
  15. Assorted blackbirds
  16. European starlings

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