Lake Lowell – November 2019

I did some exploration on the birding prospects, spots, and roads around Lake Lowell. Not a lot of birds at this time of year, but a promising spot for the spring. Lots of pollution in the air and bad lighting so not a lot of photos. – Jenny

Dark eyed junco



Ducks & Gulls

Canada geese

Trees with the clear mark of a flood line

Birds & Mammals

  1. Rock doves
  2. Eurasian collared doves
  3. Black billed magpies
  4. Red tailed hawks
  5. Canada geese
  6. Ring billed gulls
  7. American kestrels
  8. House sparrows
  9. European starlings
  10. American coots
  11. Sage thrashers
  12. Marsh hawk
  13. Dark eyed juncos
  14. Mallards
  15. Franklin’s gulls
  16. Coyote

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