Bear River Refuge – Feb 1 2020

Shanna and I headed south towards Salt Lake early in the morning. The plan was to meet up with my sister and go to a Lunar festival. I knew we left early enough that if we wanted to do some shopping we could. After much discussion we decided to go to Best Buy. Shanna has been looking for a new computer monitor, headset, speakers etc… I didn’t think I needed anything.

We managed to show up during a great sale and Shanna found everything she needed and potentially some things she didn’t. We checked out the new fancy refrigerators because I think mine will need replacing in the next few years. Nearby were vacuum cleaners. Now I haven’t had a new vacuum cleaner in at least 15 years. While in Texas I got to use Rebecca’s marvelous cordless Dyson. Guess what was on sale… During all of this shopping madness I get a call and my sister has a sick kid so she’s not going to make the festival.

By the time we were finished at Best Buy we decided to skip the festival. After all, Shanna had shiny new computer pieces to play with and I can be paid off with a drive through the Bear River Refuge. Looks like the eagles are migrating through. I love those birds. – Jenny

Shiny Common ravens

Northern harrier

Canada geese

Pied billed grebe

Frosted refuge

Herring gull

California gull

Great blue heron

Cold refuge

Female Red winged blackbird

Red winged blackbird


    To the refuge:

  1. Rock doves
  2. Black billed magpies
  3. American crows
  4. At the refuge:

  5. Common ravens
  6. Great tailed grackles
  7. European starlings
  8. Golden eagles (1 juvenile, 1 adult)
  9. Northern harriers
  10. Red winged blafckbirds
  11. American coots
  12. Common goldeneye
  13. Pied billed grebes
  14. Canada geese
  15. Mallards
  16. Red tailed hawks
  17. Herring gulls
  18. Bald eagle
  19. California gulls
  20. Great blue herons
  21. Northern shovelers
  22. Northern pintails
  23. American kestrels
  24. House sparrows
  25. American goldfinch

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