Review: Eyewitness – Bird


Eyewitness – Bird

A documentary highlighting the biology (flight, food, nesting…) and how birds have been perceived or integrated into various though mostly western cultures. The cinematography is stunning. Eyewitness is a natural history television series produced by BBC and DK Vision. The series is based on the Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Books series of children’s books. I adore this dvd. — Jenny

Amazon Editorial Review:
“This program is part of the Eyewitness educational series, featuring simple discussions of scientific material for both kids and parents to enjoy. Eyewitness: Bird invites viewers on a comprehensive bird-watching expedition. Host Martin Sheen introduces folks at home to a wide variety of fine-feathered creatures. – Betsy Boyd, Rovi”

Now available on the Eyewitness Youtube Channel (28 minutes):

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