Bear River Refuge – Valentines Day 2020

Do I know how to treat myself on Valentines day or what? It was a gorgeous evening at the refuge. It’s nice to see the Northern pintails starting to migrate through. Looks like most of the Rough legged hawks have moved on. Fascinating – Jenny

Canada geese are all paired up


Northern pintails and Mallards

Great blue heron

Red winged blackbird


Pied billed grebes

More pintails

Ice as art

Sunset at the refuge


    On the way

  1. Black billed magpies
  2. Rock doves
  3. At the refuge

  4. Great blue herons (10)
  5. Canada geese
  6. Common ravens (7)
  7. Red tailed hawks (2)
  8. Rough legged hawk (1)
  9. Northern harriers (13)
  10. House sparrows (8)
  11. Pied billed grebes (9)
  12. Mallards
  13. Northern pintails
  14. American coots
  15. Red winged blackbirds
  16. Common goldeneyes (2)

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