Time Travel: Fort Leaton and Environs 2008

A day of driving and birding March 17, 2008
We saw many birds including Pyrrhuloxias!! They never stayed put long enough to get a photo.

One of the several wild peccaries we saw cross the road
car vs pig

Texas land of the Longhorns
car vs cow

Abandoned adobe on the Pinto Canyon road
pinto canyon rd02

I wish I knew if these were two species of Prickly pear or one dead and one live. I looked it up. Opuntia santa-rita aka Santa Rita prickly pear is purple.
prickly pear

Melinda’s hat at historic Fort Leaton State Park
fort leaton01

Palo Verde on the left, Mesquite on the right and dried Ocotillo used to roof the shelter
fort leaton02

Shadows of an Ocotillo roof
fort leaton05

fort uses ocotillo1

Ocotillo used as fencing
fort uses ocotillo2

Me, looking like a hippie

Windows through time
fort leaton09

Purple finch
purple finch01

Texas mountains do exist
along rio grande 15

Melinda & Jenny

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