Birds of 2021

I added 15 new birds to my lifelist in 2021, of course they are all from my trip to Corpus Christie TX.
Black skimmers

  • Mottled ducks
  • Reddish egret
  • Tri color herons
  • Wilson’s plover
  • Roseate spoonbills

Roseate spoonbill

  • Ruddy turnstone
  • Laughing gulls
  • Sandwich tern
  • Least terns
  • Royal terns

Reddish Egret

  • Black skimmers
  • Groove billed anis
  • Couch’s kingbirds
  • Great kiskadees
  • Boat tailed grackles

Crested caracara
I did enough birding this year to see 160 species. Most are in my region which includes Idaho: Camas WR, Market Lake WR, Mud Lake, Island Park, Pocatello, American Falls, Blackfoot and of course Pocatello. My region also includes Utah: Bear River NMBR, Antelope Island and Montana/Wyoming Yellowstone National Park.

Yellow headed blackbird
I think I will do more targeted birding this coming year. I expect that Covid will continue to have an impact on my travel plans so for the most part I will be continuing to bird my region. I’ve been compiling a list of birds that are common-occasional to Idaho/Utah and will try to see as many of them as possible. We’ll see how this goes.

Marsh wren

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