Birding Chesterfield Reservoir – May

Birding at Chesterfield Reservoir

I have never seen this before. A long billed curlew standing in the sprinklers. Do you think this is intentional or does she think she’s stuck in the rain?


Sandhill crane with mate on the nest in the grass. Only the head of the mate is visible



Mostly brown headed cowbirds but one female redwinged blackbird is hanging out with them

Beautiful horse

Wilson’s phalaropes


Northern shoveler

Brown headed cowbird

Black necked stilt
_JLS2859 (2)


Red tailed hawk

Yellow warbler
_JLS2877 (2)

Belted kingfisher
_JLS2891 (2)

Ferruginous hawk


  1. Brown headed blackbird
  2. Red winged blackbirds
  3. Yellow headed blackbirds
  4. Brown headed cowbirds
  5. Sandhill cranes
  6. American crow
  7. Long billed curlews
  8. Mourning dove
  9. Northern flicker
  10. Gadwalls
  11. Canada geese
  12. American goldfinch
  13. Clark’s grebes
  14. Eared grebes
  15. Western grebes
  16. California gulls
  17. Ring billed gulls
  18. Ferriginous hawks
  19. Red tailed hawks
  20. Great blue herons
  21. American kestrels
  22. Killdeer
  23. Belted kingfisher
  24. Horned larks
  25. Black billed magpies
  26. Mallards
  27. Western meadowlarks
  28. American white pelicans
  29. Wilson’s phalaerope
  30. Common raven
  31. Redhead
  32. American robins
  33. Solitary sandpiper
  34. Northern shoveler
  35. Black necked stilt
  36. Barn swallows
  37. Cliff swallows
  38. Tree swallows
  39. Cinnamon teals
  40. Yellow headed warblers
  41. American wigeons
  42. Willets
  43. Marsh wrens


  1. Mule deer
  2. Ground squirrels

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