Albion/Pomerelle – May 2022

Questing for Cassia Crossbills

Melinda and I prepared for this birding adventure by listening to bird calls for expected birds and practicing the whole birding by ear thing. We’ve been doing this for several years now and are getting better. She’s so much better at it than I am and I think it has to do with music. She plays piano/organ on a regular basis and has had years of lessons in voice and piano. I think it makes a real difference in the musical memory. Between us we do pretty well especially if we’ve practiced. Anytime we know we’ll be in a forest we look up the birds seen on eBird and on past lists and then practice.

Green tailed towhee
_JLS2953 (2)

A damp red tailed hawk



Empidonax flycatcher (I think it’s a Cordilleran because of it’s song and location)
_JLS2993 (2)

Vesper sparrow



  1. Red winged blackbirds
  2. Brewers blackbirds
  3. Mountain bluebird
  4. Black capped chickadee
  5. Cassia crossbill
  6. American crows
  7. Mourning doves
  8. Northern flicker
  9. Cordilleran flycatcher
  10. Rose breasted grosbeak
  11. Black headed grosbeak
  12. Red tailed hawks
  13. Dark eyed juncos
  14. American kestrels
  15. Killdeer
  16. Black billed magpies
  17. Western meadowlark
  18. Common ravens
  19. American robins
  20. Pine siskins
  21. Song sparrow
  22. Vesper sparrows
  23. European starlings
  24. Green tailed towhee
  25. Macgillivray’s warbler
  26. Yellow rumped warblers

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