The Pacific Ocean and More Redwoods

Ocean and Redwoods

After exploring on foot the first Redwood location we drove to the coast at Crescent City CA and down the Pacific Coast Hwy (US 101). We saw more redwoods and sights such as the big Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox at the “Trees of Mystery.” A friend of mine recommended that we stop at the large statues but not bother with the rest of the location. We took her advice, in part because of my time limit. I knew we had to drive back to Medford and wanted to do the recommended dirt road drive on the way back. This meant time wise we needed to turn around at 2:00 or so. Another site we did stop at was the “Drive Thru Tree.” Sadly I did not get to drive through for the same reason I can’t park my car in my garage, my car is just a little too wide. My photos of the Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox didn’t turn out, but you can find lots of them on the internet.

Pacific Ocean




The Drive Thru Tree
With Shanna and our Highlander for scale


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