Wildlife & Rocks 1

Vacation Day 2 pt 1 6/19/22 We slept in this morning planning on having a leisurely breakfast and then going off to a wildlife park. The sleeping in part wasn’t a problem, but the breakfast was. There were lines everywhere. It took us a while to realize that it was Father’s day and everyone was … More Wildlife & Rocks 1

Idaho Falls Car Show?

6/11/22 Trying again to take photos of cars. This time at a car show in Idaho Falls. Sadly by the time I got there only 5 cars were present. Here are a few of my better photos. The red car The yellow car The black car The purple car

Utah Lake State Park

6/5/22 Filling a spare hour by birding a local park Great tailed grackle posing Mallards sleeping on the edge of the parking lot American robin California quail Birds Yellow headed blackbirds Red winged blackbirds Double crested cormorants Mourning doves Rock doves Canada geese Great tailed grackles Western grebe Clark’s grebes Franklin’s gulls California gulls Ring … More Utah Lake State Park