A bonus WA post

I really hadn’t expected to do another post on my WA visit this time. My original plans were to head back to Seattle, do some shopping, and hit the hotel for an early night. But I did a little shopping and realized I was bored with that, so I headed over to Des Moines (yes, … More A bonus WA post

Birding Los Angeles

While Alaska Air often puts their ANC-LAX roundtrip direct on sale for January for about $300, being AKAir, it’s an overnighter. You leave Anchorage at close to midnight, get into LAX at close to 6 am. Thankfully I can usually sleep on planes (given shoulder/arm room, that’s about all that’s possible now anyhow) so I’d … More Birding Los Angeles

Arlene’s year list

I generally publish my year list in early December since I tend not to go anywhere for that month and there’s really a limit to what I could see in Anchorage that I haven’t seen many many many times before. Like ravens. I love the ravens, don’t get me wrong, they’re so much fun in … More Arlene’s year list