There but not Here

For the past six weeks I have been spending almost every weekend at a rodeo. I am … what is the word for following or going with your sports team… in league with, a fan of, supporter, booster… Well, whatever the term, I’m attending the rodeos at which the Idaho State University Rodeo team is participating.  Since I would be gone so many Friday afternoons I have not been able to carve out my usual research and writing time.  Today I am back on schedule for writing, but I’m going to miss those Friday afternoon drives though.

There are a lot of blog posts to catch up on. And as I write I’m going to slot them into the weeks they should have appeared.  If you see posts from me for the month of March, well, go me. I’ve caught up.  🙂

At the same time I have been studying photography and cameras and have purchased a new interchangeable lens, mirrorless camera a Sony A6500.  I chose it for it’s image stabilization, fast multipoint autofocus, amazing shutter speed and overall abilities.  It took a village to find me this camera.  It is a crop sensor camera with all that implies, but since the focus of my shooting is birding or rodeos the increase in zoom more than makes up for any deficit.  I blame Dennis for getting me okay with the crop frame/mirrorless, and Jamie for introducing me to Sony via this video which demonstrates the a6000, which is a couple of generations older than mine:

This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity or desire to learn all the bells and whistles of a camera. The learning curve is straight up. I’ve been spoiled and frustrated with point and shoots.  Spoiled because the Nikon P610 superzoom has been fantastic, but I’ve been unable to make it focus on what I want, such as the color blue (bluebirds) and it’s too slow to catch many birds on the wing, let alone a horse on the run. I’ve had the new camera for three weeks and while I’m finally getting most of the horses and riders in frame, I’ve still got a lot to learn.  And I’ll be using both cameras for awhile as I save up the money to get the big lens for my new camera.

— Jenny

And just so I don’t have to dig through Facebook ever again to find the links… Two places to rent lenses from:

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