College Rodeo – Grand Junction CO

The rodeos were fantastic and I am getting better at using the camera. I’m still on auto too much of the time, but I’m keeping the horse and rider in frame. This is basically a post of my favorite photos….

Barrel racing (Bailey)JLS04833


Blue sky barrel racer (Remi)JLS06431

Rescue Run is a game where one person (rescuee) stands on a barrel and the second person (rescuer) races to them and around the barrel, the rescuee gets on the back of the horse and the two race back out. Whoever crosses the line first wins. This is always a fun activity for participants and the audience. Makayla (rescuee) and Lyndsie (rescuer) were awesomely fun to watch.

02: JLS06353

04: JLS06369

And Makayla’s goat roping run. I was so excited to get this sequence of photos, first for me, and second for her. She’s #1 in our region for goat roping. 01: JLS06268

03: JLS06270

05: JLS06294
Roping (Caleb)

Bronc Riding (guy from one of the other colleges) 01:JLS06087
Bronc Riding 02:

Tie Down Roping (Zach) 01:JLS05972
Tie Down Roping 02:

Team Roping (Bailey and ?)JLS04540

I have really enjoyed this rodeo season and the new camera.  Idaho State University is sending the women’s team of four, and two of our guys to the national rodeo in Casper in June. I’m planning on going there too.  – Jenny

One thought on “College Rodeo – Grand Junction CO

  1. These are so fine. Of course I’m crazy about your bird pictures, but these are fun too. I love your new camera! Talk to me about cameras when you come Jenny, okay? I am so excited to see you and Shanna! Let the games begin!

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