Yellowstone, June 3

Definitely a day of ravens and bison. Shanna, Regina & Katrina and I headed up to Yellowstone for birds and photos.

JLS00204 JLS00220

Field of wildflowers
JLS00239 Raven at Sheepeater tidying up his feathers JLS00414

JLS00418 JLS00419

Bison shedding his fur, almost looks like he’s wearing a costume complete with mask.
JLS00640 Mule deer checking us out JLS00409

Sandhill cranes
JLS00257b Raven in flight JLS00261

Undine Falls
JLS00544 Ravens at a turnout near the flats JLS00564

Raven feathers
JLS00579 Bison crossing the road, whether we want them to or not JLS00643

The blue fence near Beryl Spring
JLS00654 Young bison at play JLS00665b

JLS00667b JLS00671b

Pool and grasses
JLS00498 Bison as specks on the meadows JLS00502

Bison with an itch
JLS00683 Itchy JLS00687

Baby ravens on the cliff across Gibbon river
JLS00439b JLS00447b

Big horned sheep, bigger than the ones I’ve seen in Colorado. I thought they might have been deer, it took the photographs to really make the definitive identification. They were in this hollow and the road we were looking at them from was up high so I wasn’t able to see them as clearly as my camera did.
JLS00473 JLS00480

Another young bison frisking about
JLS00725 Raven in flight at Gibbon Falls JLS00318

Gibbon falls
JLS00300 Bison without a crosswalk JLS00707

Evening is coming on the Madison river

Spotted in Yellowstone:
Mule deer
Big horn sheep

Rock doves
Red tailed hawks
Turkey vultures
Caspian tern
Red winged blackbirds
Yellow headed blackbirds
Violet green swallows
Tree swallows
Bald eagle
Stellars jay (Katrina only)
Ring necked ducks
Cinnamon teals
Sandhill cranes
Spotted sandpipers
Canada geese
American wigeon

— Jenny

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