Time Travel: June 21, 2016

In June of 2016 I went birding at my favorite spot: Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. It was a very, very good birding day.

Ring necked pheasant

American avocets, American coots,  American kestrels,  American robins,  American white pelicans

Short eared owl

Bank swallows, Barn swallows, Black billed magpies, Brown headed cowbirds, Black crowned night herons

Western Meadowlark

Black necked stilts, Bonaparte’s gulls, Common ravens, California gulls, Canada geese

Double crested cormorant


Caspian terns, Cinnamon teals, Clark’s grebes, Cliff swallows, Double crested cormorants


Barn swallow

European starlings,  Forster’s terns, Franklin’s gulls, Gadwalls, Great blue herons

Mule deer


Great egret, Great horned owl, Horned lark, House sparrows, House wrens

White faced ibis

Killdeer, Lark bunting, Long billed curlew, Mourning doves, Mallards

Cinnamon teal


Marsh wrens, Northern harriers, Northern shovelers, Pied billed grebes

Black necked stilts

Ring necked pheasant, Red tailed hawks, Ruddy ducks,  Red winged blackbirds, Short eared owls

Great blue heron


Snowy egrets, Tree swallows, Turkey vultures, Vesper sparrows, Western meadowlark

Clark’s grebes

Western grebes, Western kingbirds, White faced ibis, Wilson’s phaleropes, Yellow headed blackbirds

54 species in approx 3 hours. WOW. That was a great birding day. Sadly no new ones for my life list, but nowadays that’s a hard thing for me to find at my favorite refuge. I loved seeing the Lark bunting it’s the first time that bird has shown up on the refuge for me. I shot these photos with my Nikon superzoom, and some of them had to be shot through the windshield. I’m noticing that as the quality of my camera goes up, the tolerance for obstructions goes down. I could not have gotten the shot of the owl with my new camera because it would have focused on the dirt on my windshield not the bird.

— Jenny

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