Review: Crimson Wing

Crimson Wing: The Mystery of the Flamingo, 2008

french crimson wing
The French version of the promotional poster

I found this documentary on the shelves of a thrift store. It is an amazing, beautiful movie. It documents the life cycle of Lesser Flamingos who roost, breed, and hatch on the shores of Lake Natron in Tanzania. The chicks are adorable as they grow from tiny puffballs to bigger gray puffballs. Eventually, they leave their salt crusted islands in the lake taking a long walking journey out of the salty nursery. There is a narrative built into the movie of troubles to overcome, predators, salt crusting, and separation. Beware, this is a documentary and there are harsh realities and sadly, dead chicks. Yet, it is gorgeously filmed with a lovely soundtrack. I learned a lot about the life of these flamingos. I think my favorite part is the walking of the chicks and how they are all in one large flock walking and walking under the watchful eyes of nanny flamingos.

The trailer:
Disneynature: The Crimson Wing-Mystery of the Flamingos
78 minutes, rated G
Directed By: Matthew Aeberhard, Leander Ward
Written By: Melanie Finn
Studio: Disneynature

— Jenny

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