Tautphaus Park Zoo

August 3, 2018

I just needed a time out so I took the afternoon off and went to the Tautphaus park Zoo (https://www.idahofallsidaho.gov/1230/Zoo) in Idaho Falls. There was a LOT of smoke in the air from the wildfires so I was unable to stay long. AND I found this pond of wild waterfowl with the cutest male ruddy duck. I think I shall name him Marley. Every time I left the pond I would find myself wandering back to it. I didn’t see many wild animals or much of the zoo at all. But I sure got to study the Marley the Ruddy duck.

Sleeping Ruddy duck

American white pelicans _JLS5147

Marley still asleep

Turtle _JLS5156

Alert Marley

Female Ruddy duck _JLS5173

Female Ruddy duck preening

Female Ruddy duck posing _JLS5179

Marley the Ruddy duck with his leg tucked up but not under his wing

Female red breasted merganser _JLS5185

Hello there

Resting American white pelican _JLS5226

And back to the perky Ruddy

African penguin _JLS5262

Marley the male Ruddy duck with all kinds of female & juvenile ducks

Peacock _JLS5273

Reflective Ruddy

Red breasted nuthatch _JLS5337

Marley with ripples

Marley with an itch _JLS5357

Sleeping tiger

Marley looking at his reflection _JLS5378

Ruddy drinking

House sparrow _JLS5353

Flexible ruddy

Black capped chickadee _JLS5420

Bye bye Marley

It took me a long time to go through the photos from this day.  I’m sure you know why.

— Jenny

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