Birding S. Utah Lake

Sept 24, 2018

My sisters Nanette and Melinda headed for Utah to help Nan’s grandchild and family pack for another move. This was a great thing since I’d be driving through Salt Lake City and Spanish Fork on my way to Price for the rodeo.

I had been worried earlier in the week since HUGE fires had blocked the highway between Spanish Fork and Price. It was only on Friday morning that we got word that we could drive that way. I had been geared up to detour through Wyoming to get to the rodeo. I was both relieved and disappointed to be able to go the quick way. I always love driving new roads.

Still, by not detouring through Wyoming I was able to stop by (bringing Taco Time which always guarantees a welcome in my family) Nan’s location on the way to Price. On Sunday morning after the rodeo I drove back over the mountain to Spanish Fork. Jessica’s family was in church so Melinda and I went birding around the south end of Utah Lake.

We didn’t find very many birds. I think my favorite was the fast moving Ring necked pheasant hen and her juvenile offspring.

Quite a view

American avocets, White faced ibises, Gulls and a faraway assortment of ducks _JLS6178

White faced ibises

Derelict corrals _JLS6192


Autumnal tree stumps _JLS6207


Windows _JLS6227

I had no idea that someone was raising Watusi cattle in Spanish Fork. We found a small pasture of about eight of them just outside of town.


— Jenny

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