College Rodeo: Logan UT

Sept 28 and 29, 2018

My brother Dave went to the Friday night performance with me, which was AWESOME. For the past three years the Logan rodeo has been doused in rain and cold so this was the first time I had ever seen the dirt at the Cache County Fairgrounds. Apparently, the dirt in Logan has a high percentage of dust. Many of the photos will show just how dusty the air became. As Dave put it, I feel sorry for the people living in the wind shadow of the fairgrounds.

This was a terrific rodeo with very effective people helping out in the chutes and corrals. I have combined the Friday performance, Saturday slack, and Saturday performance photos into this one post. There are many more photos on my Flickr account if you are interested:

Ready to go

Bareback bronc riding _JLS6456

Bareback bronc riding – camera created illusion of a rest

Tie down roping _JLS6480

Tie down roping – quick dismount

Tie down roping – catch _JLS7734

Tie down roping – stop

Tie down roping – dismount _JLS7737

Tie down roping – time

Behind the scenes _JLS7764


Saddle bronc riding – going down _JLS8785

Saddle bronc riding – sometimes the horse wins

Saddle bronc riding 1 _JLS8794

Saddle bronc riding 2

Breakaway roping – missed it _JLS6534

Breakaway roping – a toss

Breakaway roping – a catch _JLS7903

Breakaway roping – release

Steer wrestling _JLS6665

Goat tying – dismount

Goat tying – catch _JLS8004

Goat tying – time

Goat tying – nonchalance _JLS9124

Behind the scenes


Team roping

Barrel racing _JLS6919

Barrel racing – ready, set…

Barrel racing – … go _JLS7018

Barrel racing – cornering

Barrel racing – teamwork _JLS7617

Barrel racing – just checking

— Jenny

The bull riding photos just didn’t turn out and I left before they started on the second night.

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