Back to Bear River Refuge

Sept 24, 2018

Melinda & I spent the previous evening with Jessica’s family. We hung out, played games and had a great time. In the morning we had breakfast of enormous waffles and eggs. Thanks Jessica & Doug.

Melinda was going to Idaho with me for a couple of days so we headed north, once again bringing Taco Time lunch to Nan’s family. We hung out as long as we could, factoring in a birding route through the Bear River Refuge and getting home at a reasonable hour, hopefully before dark.

So once again, I’m at the Bear River Refuge. Migration is definitely in process. There were unexpected flocks of tree swallows on the reeds, and an overall reduction in the number of birds if not the species. The Black necked stilts were all gone.

I was happy to have gotten any kind of photo of this Sage thrasher

Great egret _JLS6255

Great blue heron

Snowy egret _JLS6292

White faced ibis

Empty pond _JLS6318

Northern harrier

Juvenile bald eagle _JLS6340

— Jenny


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