College Rodeo: Spanish Fork UT

October 5 & 6, 2018

Spanish Fork Rodeo

The arena at Spanish Fork is awesome. But this time the weather was very cold and wet. I ended up near the bucking shoots for the first performance on Friday.  Between the cold and aftereffects of a minor accident, I chose just to not attend the Saturday performance. 😦

In front of the chutes

Bareback bucking horse _JLS9374

Steer wrestling

Calf roping _JLS9809


Breakaway roping _JLS1533



Breakaway horses can really stop

Saddle bronc riding _JLS9646


I’m hoping all that mud made the landing a little softer _JLS9652

Splashing team roping

Team roping on Saturday, maybe a little less mud splash _JLS1699



Barrel racing in the mud


Behind the chutes _JLS0174

Bull riding

I’m not moving, you can’t make me _JLS0233

— Jenny


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