Goat Tying in the Mud

October 5, 2018 at the Spanish Fork Rodeo

Goat Roping by Darcey Carr

The Dismount

Running to the goat_JLS9860

Tying the goat

Waiting. the goat must stay tied for 6 seconds. It can be a very long seeming 6 seconds._JLS9874

Back on the horse


I was impressed that this horse waited for her to get back on. The mud was so heavy I watched a woman run out of her boots leaving them in the mud. I was talking to Darcey later complimenting her on training her horse to wait for her. Most of the time goat roping horses just take off once their rider has dropped off. Darcy said she didn’t have the horse trained. Instead this horse HATES mud. Hates it so much it didn’t want to move any more than necessary. Lucky Darcey. Most of the women competing in this event had to hike through the mud to exit the arena.

— Jenny


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