Camas NWR and Market Lake- April 2019

Saturday April 6th

I thought I would take a day and explore my nearby Northern hotspots. In particular I was hoping it was not to late to see Snow geese.

The migration of waterfowl was in full flight. There were hundreds and hundreds of ducks of all kinds.

Sandhill crane in the reeds

Bald eagle in the tree

Pair of Canada geese

Sandhill crane preening

Northern harrier – male

Northern harrier – female

Fleet of American coots

I did get to see Snow geese flying overhead and making a lot of noise.
— Jenny

  1. Yellow headed blackbirds
  2. Starlings
  3. Robins
  4. Eurasian collared doves
  5. Mourning doves
  6. Rock doves
  7. Mallards
  8. Kestrels
  9. Northern pintails
  10. American wigeons
  11. Northern shovelers
  12. Red winged blackbirds
  13. Canada geese
  14. Lesser scaup
  15. Bufflehead
  16. Ring necked duck
  17. Green winged teal
  18. Northern harriers
  19. Redheads
  20. Gadwalls
  21. Ring necked pheasant
  22. Black billed magpies
  23. Western meadowlarks
  24. Red tailed hawk
  25. Snow geese
  26. Sandhill cranes
  27. Bald eagle
  28. Crows
  29. Killdeer
  30. Common goldeneye
  31. Ruddy duck
  32. Caspian terns
  33. American white pelicans
  34. California gull
  35. Ring billed gull
  36. Barrow’s goldeneye
  37. Red breasted merganser
  38. Common raven
  39. Turkey vulture

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