Early April at Antelope Island

Friday April 12, 2019


There’s nothing like spring and the return of sunshine. Sunrise this morning happened at 7:00 a.m. This meant I was up and out of the hotel by 6:30 so I could be at Antelope Island for the sun, or rather for the drizzle and clouds hiding the sun. Antelope Island never has the number of species I can find at Bear River, but it has some things such as the Burrowing owls that I have a hard time finding anywhere else. I also get a kick out of the Bison population.

Song of the morning – Western meadowlark

A mass of avocets

Loggerhead shrike

Burrowing owl

Sky and lake reflecting at Antelope Island

Lovely morning. I would have loved to stay longer but had to hit the road. Grand Junction and the 7:00 p.m. rodeo were calling.  – Jenny

1. Cinnamon teals (at the hotel)
2. Common grackles (at the hotel)
3. Starlings
4. White faced ibis
5. Common ravens
6. American crows
7. California gulls
8. Eurasian collared doves
9. Black billed Magpies
10. Red winged blackbirds
11. Northern shovelers
12. Northern pintails
13. American avocets
14. Gadwalls
15. Mallards
16. Long billed curlew
17. Bonapartes or Franklins gulls I’m inclined towards Bonapartes, but I can’t say for a certainty. I didn’t get pictures they were too far out.
18. American wigeons
19. Eared grebes
20. Western meadowlarks
21. Burrowing owls
22. Loggerhead shrike
23. Horned larks
24. Great horned owls.
25. Great blue heron

Also bison and an enormous jack rabbit.

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